StreamEadt is a P2P service that allows users to watch movies and TV shows over the Internet. StreamEadt is similar to P2P services, such as MyP2P and Cricfree, but it offers users more flexibility. You can choose which movie and show you want to watch or opt for a stream available only at certain times.


Streameast is a site that provides a wide range of sports events for free. It offers live sporting events and detailed information on how to watch live sports online. Streameast is an excellent alternative to other sports streaming sites. You can quickly get started with Streameast by just clicking on the website’s page.

It is a clean and organized website and has a user-friendly interface. It also has excellent search functionality. There are also many hyperlinks for sporting events on the site, and you can easily navigate to your favourite sport. You can watch games live from any device that has an Internet connection.

It is one of the most popular sites for live sporting events. The site offers hundreds of free live streams for you to watch. The site’s homepage is divided into sports categories: Soccer, Basketball, College Football, and MMA. The site also offers an open chat option.


Streaming live sports is a breeze with MyP2P. As a bonus, MyP2P offers top-notch audio and video quality. It also has multiple links to each game to take advantage of every second of the action. Plus, you can customize your settings to your liking.

The MyP2P service isn’t just a great way to watch live sports; you can also chat with other fans and discuss sporting events with a high degree of finesse. There’s a reason that MyP2P is known as the king of online video. The company’s free streaming services, powered by CloudFare, are among the best in the business. And the company’s free streaming services are partnered with several of the best sports streaming sites in the industry.


Amongst the various online streaming sites available, Cricfree has garnered the most acclaim. Aside from providing free streaming of sporting events, Cricfree also offers a free version of Sky Sports channels. This is an advantage for die-hard cricket buffs. Cricfree also has an impressive over 100K monthly user base.

The website also has a solid user experience. Cricfree offers high-definition streaming of significant sporting events, unlike most online streaming sites. Moreover, Cricfree also boasts a nifty little feature that lets users watch the game on any device. It is also worth noting that Cricfree has a donation campaign for server costs. The site has a sleek and minimalist user interface that lets you enjoy your favourite sporting events without a hitch.


Streamed Sportsurge is an online streaming service that provides various free sports content. These include live scores, sports videos, and live sports events. It’s a great way to access sports games and events from any device. It’s also a great news source, including sports-related news.

The site offers hundreds of live streams and is easy to navigate. The home page is also easy to use. It’s also free, and there are no annoying ads to slow down your viewing experience.

Sportsurge also provides real-time stats and player profiles. It’s an excellent way to watch games, and you can even stream games on Chromecast. The site also offers a great deal of content in HD quality.

Streameast alternatives

Streameast is a popular sports streaming website. It is free to use, and it provides high-quality streaming content. It has an attractive design, and it supports all types of devices. It is also easy to use. It has many sports channels.

Another option is Streamwood. It offers sports streaming as well as news. It has a straightforward UI, and it has a vast database of links. It also provides email notifications about sporting events. It has a good search engine.

Another site that is comparable to Streameast is Bosscast. It is free to use and has multiple external links to each sports video.

It offers streaming connections for sports such as cricket, MotoGP, and wrestling. It is an excellent alternative to Streameast. It has a simple user interface and uses more than 12 classifications to help users find the content they want.