If you’re wondering how to apply eyeliner properly, here’s some help. This article will give you an overview of the different types of eyeliner and the best ones to wear in the summer. You’ll also learn tips to keep your eyeliner looking fresh.


Eyeliner is a makeup essential for the eyes and comes in various colors. There are classic black, brown, and green shades and frosty golds and silvers, and some eyeliners are even glitter-flecked.

There are two main types of liquid eyeliners: felt-tip and brush-tip. The first is easier to apply, allows more control, and is also better for those with shaky hands. The latter, on the other hand, is more flexible and bendable. This type of liner is best for vivid, intense eye makeup looks.

How to achieve a summer eyeliner look

If you want to create a summer eyeliner look, you can use simple, lightweight eyeliner. You can use a saturated black liquid liner or a bright color for a dramatic cat-eye look. Avoid using too much eyeliner for a more natural look, especially if you have a dark eye color.

A dramatic color on the lids is one of the hottest trends for the summer. This look can be done in less than five minutes and have a huge impact. Use your favorite shadows and blend well. A good palette to try is Laura Geller’s Urban Garden Eyeshadow Palette in shades of Turtle Pond and Bethesda Terrace.

Double-winged liner is another trend that has become a mainstay for young, playful PYTs. It can also be worn to work. For a more sophisticated look, try a two-toned eyeliner. It is a versatile look that will complement many different looks.

A soft, blended-in eyeliner can also be used on the lower lash line. Make sure to choose a shade that accentuates your eyes and doesn’t bleed on your cheeks. This is also a great time to experiment with new colors on your lips and cheeks.

Another fun summer eyeliner look is to use a bronze eyeliner pencil. This is especially fun and can add an extra dose of personality to your eyes. The trick to getting the perfect summer eyeliner is to pick a bronze eyeshadow color and apply it close to your upper lash line. You can create a wing tip with a bronze eyeliner pencil and try shimmery lilac eyeliner.

Which eyeliners are best for the summer

There are many options for eyeliners during the summer. You can choose a matte liquid liner that lasts all day or a soft pencil liner that blends well. Choosing an eyeliner resistant to heat, humidity, and water is important. Look for eyeliners that are waterproof but also smudge-resistant.

Colored eyeliners are a hot trend this summer. Choose a color that complements your eye color and skin tone to avoid looking washed out. If you want to look glamorous, choose a neutral or girly shade. One popular color is yellow, which can create a distinctly interesting look.

If you’re going for a bold, defined line, liquid eyeliner is the way. It has a felt tip and glides on smoothly, and is great for achieving different looks. Gel eyeliners come in jars or tiny tubes with screw-on caps and are best for one-swipe application.

If you’re looking for waterproof eyeliner, try the Mac Liquidlast Liner. It is waterproof and smudge-proof, so you can wear it all day. The pencil glides on smoothly and has a high pigment. It comes in a thin tube and a brush applicator, which makes applying it easier. This eyeliner isn’t difficult to apply, but you should still practice getting it right.

What are some tips for keeping your eyeliner looking?

There are many ways to keep your eyeliner looking great throughout the day. One way to do so is to apply a layer of powder eyeshadow on top of your eyeliner. Next, use an extra liner in the same way and trace it over the powder. This way, you will have a striking double-liner effect. Another tip is to moisten your eyeshadow brush with Visine to help the liner last longer.

One of the most common mistakes women make when applying eyeliner is that they don’t let it set properly. A small flat top brush can help set your liner precisely and avoid smudging under the eyes. Using a translucent powder under your eyes also helps to prevent streaks.

When applying eyeliner, remember that excess oil can cause it to smudge. If you know you’ll spend a long day on your feet, use a translucent powder to remove excess oils. You can also use a Q-tip to spread vaseline over your eyeliner.

For people with hooded eyelids, applying eyeliner can be a challenge. You must experiment with different techniques to make your eyeliner last as long as possible. Make sure you can see the line in the mirror to achieve a winged effect. For those with folds in the outer corner of their eye, try drawing the line from the outer corner of your eye and connecting it with your lower lash line.

How to make your eyeliner last all day in the summ

One of the most troublesome makeup steps is eyeliner. Whether you apply it by hand, using tape, or using a stencil, you’re not guaranteed that it will stay in place for the entire day. Many people wonder how to make their eyeliner last all day, and you can make a few tweaks to your makeup routine to help it last longer.

First, make sure you use waterproof eyeliner. These are designed to resist water, sweat, and oil. Waterproof eyeliners are generally the best choice for lasting eyeliner. However, you should use an oil-based makeup remover when removing your eyeliner, and this will prevent smudging and streaking.

Using an eye primer is another way to make your eyeliner last all day. This cream-like product works by setting your eyeliner, so it does not budge. Then, you can use a translucent powder over it. This will help your eyeliner last all day by removing any shine and making your eye makeup look fresher and more natural. Use a soft brush to apply this powder, and blend it in until you do not see any lines.

Before applying your eyeliner, ensure you’ve cleansed your face with a moisturized eye cream or blotting paper. This will prevent the liner from smudging and creasing. If you’re particularly oily, you can also try using oil-absorbent sheets to remove excess oil.