La Casa De Los Famosos: The final week of La Casa de los Famosos is finally here, with 17 famous people gathered in a house. This reality show has been on the air for three months, and is reaching its end. Ivonne Montero has been crowned ganadora.

Segunda temporada tambien rompio recordes lineales en vivo

HBO’s popular show Game of Thrones has smashed record after record with its penultimate episode, attracting a record-breaking 12.5 million viewers in the lineal audiencia, a number that is higher than any episode in the show’s history. According to HBO, this episode superseded the show’s previous season finale, which drew only a few million viewers.

The show also broke records in Latin America and South Asia. The second season of the show surpassed its first season’s total number of viewers in these regions, doubling its first season’s audience. It also broke records in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The White Lotus will return to HBO in October. Created by Mike White, the new series will take place in Sicilia and feature Jennifer Coolidge.

Ivonne Montero ganadora

Mexican actress Ivonne Montero has been named the winner of La Casa de los Famosos 2. The telenovela star won by electronic voting, beating out Laura Bozzo, Salvador Zerboni, and Daniella Navarro. While her success on the reality show is an impressive one, her life story is fascinating as well.

Ivonne Montero agradced her family and said that she was looking forward to learning from her fellow coworkers. After her win, Laura Bozzo interviewed the ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ winner and congratulated her on her triunfo.

Montero, a native of Mexico City, started her acting career with commercials. She later starred in the hit film El tigre de Santa Julia. She also starred in La loba and Hombre tenias que ser.

The winner of the second season of La Casa de los Famosos was Ivonne Montero, a 48-year-old actress. She earned a prize of $200k. The other two finalists were Salvador Zerboni and Nacho Casano.

Daniela y Nacho posibiles encuentros sexuales

Daniella and Nacho are lovers and have been rumored to have sexual encounters on the show. However, their relationship has recently been reformed. Both have changed their behaviors to make things easier for each other.

Fans believe that the two are only dating for money. They belong to different bands and have also had a few battles with other members of their groups. However, they have now gotten back together and have even begun to make love.

The news about their relationship has sparked mixed reactions. While Danielle’s manager tried to defend the relationship, Laura Bozzo slammed it as dead. After the relationship was confirmed, Nacho and Daniella Navarro have been seen close to each other for several days.

Nacho y Daniela

Nacho y Daniela are a couple that have a lot in common and have worked together on many projects, including a new reality show on Telemundo. This program features 17 different celebrities in a single house. The show is recorded live twenty-four hours a day, allowing viewers to see the celebrities’ everyday activities.

The reality show is based on Big Brother VIP. The participants are required to live in a home without the use of social media or outside communication. However, they are never alone as the cameras are always watching, recording every single event in the house. If you want to watch this show live, all you have to do is log onto Telemundo’s livestream, and you’ll be able to watch the show whenever you want.

Nacho y Daniela on La Casa De Los Famosos: En Vivo 24/7 on Telemundo is a reality TV show about a couple of Argentine celebrities who have fallen in love. Nacho Navarro and Daniella Navarro are currently in a romantic relationship and plan to work together on a special project.