Lena The Plug is a reality television star. She was a contestant on the second season of the show “Reality House” (similar to Big Brother). The show pits influencers and digital creators against each other in a series of crazy games and challenges. One episode featured ice baths and cornhole games with insects strapped to participants’ heads. Despite all the challenges, Lena the Plug was able to survive the competition and win a $50,000 prize.

Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug

Lena the Plug is a YouTube star, social media personality, and fitness fanatic. She was born in 1991 and attended UC Santa Cruz. She has worked as an Uber driver, a grocery store attendant, and even a nanny while in college. She has more than 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

In addition to her many successful YouTube vlogs, Lena also gave talks on lifestyle and fitness. She became famous for her videos featuring raunchy content. Lena the Plug is known for her revealing videos on intimate topics. Her videos have gained her millions of subscribers.

Lena the Plug is a Christian who grew up in a conservative family. She attended a private high school and graduated from the University of California. She majored in psychology, and her favorite subject is psychology. After graduating from high school, she moved to California to pursue her higher education. Unfortunately, she did not receive a full scholarship to study at the University of California because she did not have the money to pay for it.

Although Lena the Plug has not yet married, she has a boyfriend – YouTube star Adam22. Lena and Adam have been in a relationship for several years. They have been open about their relationship on social media, and her fans have embraced it.

Lena Nersesian aka the Plug has a net worth of $1 million, which includes all her income sources. While her income is not public, she is estimated to earn between $200,000 and $300,000 per year from her YouTube videos. She has dealt with hate and trolls online, but she does not back down from the criticism.


Lena The Plug is a popular YouTuber and she has had many odd jobs. Before becoming famous, she was a driver for Uber and also worked for a social networking start-up company. After launching her YouTube channel, she started posting workout videos and fitness tutorials. In addition, she regularly posts Vlogs.

Lena The Plug is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 53 kilograms. She has a nice body shape and brown eyes. She was born on June 1, 1991 in California and completed her schooling at a private high school. Her net worth is estimated between USD three and four million as of November 2022.

The actress and model has a very slim figure. She exercises regularly and maintains a proper diet. Her height and weight are both accurate and she is a shoe size 6 in the US. Lena the Plug has long black hair and has a sexy figure. Her height and weight are just right for her role in the teen drama series, “Glee.”

Lena The Plug started her YouTube channel in August 2016. She focuses on fitness and lifestyle videos. She also creates and hosts vlogs. Before starting her YouTube channel, Lena worked as a nanny, Uber driver, and grocery store attendant. She is also a member of OnlyFans, a program that lets her share premium content with her subscribers. Her success has resulted in a devoted following on social media platforms.

Lena The Plug is a woman of modest height. She grew up in a conservative family and has a conservative family background. As a child, she dreamed of being a Victoria’s Secret model. She even ordered a legal diet pill to achieve her goal. Today, she has over 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.


Lena the Plug was born on June 1, 1991. She is now 31 years old and a member of the YouTube family. She is currently engaged to BMX rider Adam Grandmaison. The two are also parents to their daughter Parker Ann. Her net worth is estimated at $3 to $4 million. She has over 2 million Instagram followers.

Before she began pursuing her career as a podcaster and YouTube host, Lena the Plug had a conservative upbringing. Her parents raised her in strict Christian beliefs, and they were even against her watching shows such as Boy Meets World. She later went on to study psychology at the University of Southern California.

Lena the Plug’s success is due to hard work and passion. While she may have found success fast, she has recognized that it takes extra effort to succeed in this business. Rather than accepting her fame by accident, she views her success as an opportunity to pursue her passions. In addition to her YouTube channel, Lena has worked as a grocery store employee, Uber driver, and personal assistant while studying. She also regularly uploads photos on social media.

Lena the Plug stands 5 ft. and weighs approximately 55 kg. She wears bra cup size 33C. She has dark brown hair and eyes and is of mixed ethnicity. She was born in Glendale, California. She is now 31 years old and is active on social media.

Lena the Plug is currently dating Adam Grandmaison, a famous YouTuber. The two share two children, and they have been engaged since 2021. Adam is also an actor, a BMX rider, and a host of a culture-oriented podcast. Their relationship has become very public, and they have regular updates and pictures on their social media pages.

Net worth

The net worth of Lena the Plug is estimated at $7 million. The YouTube sensation has a large fan base and has a large number of followers. She has a healthy lifestyle and enjoys taking mirror selfies. She also exercises regularly to stay in shape. Besides her successful career as a YouTuber, she is also a digital content creator. She is also engaged to Adam Grandmaison, a BMX rider.

Despite her small net worth, Lena the Plug is trying to expand her following and seek new markets in the hope of increasing her net worth. Her Instagram account currently has more than five hundred thousand followers. However, her other social networking accounts have been deleted for violating community guidelines. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. She earns income from her YouTube channel, OnlyFans subscriptions, and brand endorsements.

Lena the Plug was born on June 1, 1991, in the U.S. She grew up in Glendale, California. She is of Armenian descent and is a citizen of the United States. She studied at the University of California in Santa Cruz. Her YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers.

While studying at the University of California, Lena the Plug was in a relationship with BMX rider Adam Grandmaison. The two have a child together. Lena the Plug’s net worth has risen rapidly in recent years. She has become a social media star, with her YouTube videos and her Instagram account.

As an internet personality, Lena the Plug is gaining popularity worldwide. While her videos are often controversial, she is generating a lot of revenue from her YouTube channel. As of 2017, her channel had over 1.6 million subscribers.

Relationship with Adam John Grandmaison

Adam John Grandmaison is an American journalist, podcaster and internet personality. He has become well-known for his YouTube channel. He has been accused of sexual assault by two women. He denied the allegations, but his record label, Atlantic Records, severed its relationship with him. Now, it’s unclear if Grandmaison is dating someone else or still single.

Adam is based in Los Angeles, California. He used to be addicted to video games. He met Lena after she DM’d him. He offered to buy her a drink. They then decided to make a sex tape. Lena also appeared on his YouTube channel and they were spotted on several occasions in public.

Eventually, the two met in person and dated. Grandmaison was a prolific poster on the B9 forum. He also posted many explicit photos of women on his own page. But D was 16 at the time. Afterwards, the two remained friends but stopped chatting after Grandmaison started seeing someone else. But she still wanted to visit him and booked a flight to Vancouver.

Adam22 was born in Nashua, New Hampshire on November 24, 1983. He’s an Internet personality and podcaster. His most popular podcast is ‘No Jumper’. The show features interviews with upcoming rap artists. He also runs his own clothing line and BMX blog.

Adam John Grandmaison’s career has evolved in recent years. His YouTube channel boasts more than 1.1 billion views. He has also launched a clothing line, ONSOMESHIT, which features a wide array of BMX clothing.