Whenever I hear the word queerdle, I think about that one time in grade school when my teacher made me guess the word. I knew it was a word, but I had no idea what it was. I ended up thinking of the word, but I needed clarification. Then my teacher made me guess again. The next time I tried, I knew the word. It turned out I was right!

Word Guessing

Using the Wordle word guessing game template, you can set up a game in less than one minute. The result is a fun, engaging game to help your students improve their literacy skills. The template is also a great way to test students’ knowledge of key terms.

When you play the Wordle word guessing game, you’ll be prompted to input a five-letter word. After the term is input, the game flips over letters to show where they’re located.

You’ll also be presented with a list of the best word options. Some examples include words that are anagrams, repeating letters and words with multiple vowels. This list is helpful because it can narrow down your options.

The game also gives you a hint about what the word may mean. For example, you might see a yellow box if you guess the wrong letter for the word “PAPER.” The colour change indicates that the letter is not in the word but is present in it in the proper position.


Developed by Chicago-based computer programmer Jordan Bouvier, Queerdle is a Wordle clone dedicated to the LGBT+ community. It is a simple game requiring players to guess a word. Queerdle tells users if their guess is correct using a colour scheme. If it is, the letters turn yellow, while incorrect letters turn green.

Players are given six chances to guess the correct word. After each guess, letters flip. If the letters are incorrect, the game gives players a hint.

Queerdle is available as an app and website. It is free to play. Users are given basic rules when they first sign up. Queerdle also accepts word suggestions from users. They can suggest new words to the canon or contact the creator via Twitter.

Colour scheme

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Daily Challenge

Hundreds of millions worldwide use the popular online word game Wordle to challenge themselves daily. Using the Wordle word finder is an excellent way to learn how to solve Wordle puzzles. The Wordle word finder also works with other word-based puzzle games. You can use the Wordle word finder to try out different spellings of a word without having to submit an answer.

During the second year of Wordle, it has become even more difficult. This has led to many Wordle fans calling for free access to Wordle. The New York Times has now assigned a full-time Editor to run Wordle. They have also run out of some of the most common five-letter words. This rumor has caused many people to ask whether they should continue playing the daily challenge.

Answer list

Hopefully, you’re reading this because you’re interested in learning how to play Wordle, a puzzle game which has been making waves on the Internet over the past year. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a browser-based game requiring you to guess the next word by looking at the six words ahead of you. You can read the FAQ below if you’ve never played.

You’ll need to select words with the most vowels and consonants to play Wordle. The site has a database of over 2,000 possible answers, so you’ll have a few choices when picking a word. You can also post your guesses in the #Comments section, where other players can help you.