Whether you’re considering buying a Sony XM5, there’s plenty of information available on the device itself. This article will cover many features, including ANC mode, touch-sensitive gesture controls, and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

ANC mode

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) is an audio technology that reduces noise. It does this by physically blocking incidental sound from reaching the ears. ANC can’t completely block all noise, but it can lessen some sounds significantly.

Active noise cancelling reduces incoming sounds, allowing you to hear the music better. It does this by physically blocking out high- and mid-frequency sounds while letting in low-frequency sounds. ANC can also block out next-person sounds, such as speech.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones are a new generation of flagship active noise-cancelling devices. They are similar to the WH-1000XM4 in many ways, but they have a few new features. WH-1000XM5 headphones come with a Type-C port and USB-C connector. They can be paired with a smartphone, laptop, or computer but can’t be paired with two devices at once.

Touch-sensitive gesture controls

Unlike other headphones in the same category, Sony XM5 has a lot of things going for them. These include Bluetooth 5.2, eight microphones for improved call quality, and a touch-sensitive control panel on the right earcup.

The Sony XM5 has a few features to boast about, including the new QN1 processor noise cancellation, a touch-sensitive control panel, and a USB-C port for wireless playback. It also has a built-in wear sensor that allows for fast auto-pause. Lastly, Sony XM5 has an audible battery life indicator that tells you exactly how long you have left of the 30 hours of wireless playback.

The Sony XM5 is less compact than it used to be, but they’re still much easier to carry around. They also feature a touch-sensitive control panel on the left earcup, a USB-C port, and an ANC/Ambient Mode toggle button.

Noise-cancelling mode

XM5 headphones offer superior noise cancelling and an improved design. They also have intelligent assistance integration and auto resume. They are also compatible with Sony’s LDAC codec, allowing high-quality audio streaming. They’re also very eco-friendly. They’re made from recycled plastic. They’re also comfortable to wear for long periods.

XM5 headphones are also built to be used in both wireless and wired modes. They have a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to pair them with two devices simultaneously. They’re also compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can interact with voice assistants.

Sony has also worked to improve noise cancellation up to higher frequencies. Their app lets you customize sonic environmental controls to your needs. You can also switch to Ambient mode to let the outside world filter through.

Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity

WH-1000XM5 over-ear headphones offer a great audio experience. They feature the ability to connect to a Bluetooth music player or tablet and a computer. They also have additional microphones for voice calls. They can also interact with voice assistants, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. These headphones are also built with a 3.8-volt Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. They can be charged via USB-C, USB-PD, or a commercial USB AC adapter.

While WH-1000XM5 headphones have improved noise cancellation, they do not offer a better sound quality than Airpod Max. They are also not suitable for rainy weather. They are not ideal for gym buddies, either.

Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity is built into the headphones. They also support AVRCP and LDAC codecs. They support Multipoint pairing, which means you can connect to two devices simultaneously. However, they do not support NFC-based Quick Pairing.


Those looking for the best headphones regarding sound quality, noise cancellation and battery life should consider the Sony XM5. The company has taken the top of the class for noise isolation and added notable advancements. They are now able to remove environmental sounds and isolate loud conversations. The headphones also use two audio processing chips and a Fine Sound Resistor. They are available in black or silver colours.

The new version has a better design, with improved battery life and noise cancelling. The headphones also include an app that allows users to adjust sonic environmental controls. This consists of the ability to dampen music during a call. They also have a quick alert, which pauses music when the user raises their voice.

The headphones also use Sony’s DSEE Extreme engine, which restores compressed music to near-hi-res quality. Similarly, Sony’s Precise Voice Pickup technology includes wind-noise reduction. The headphones also use a remote proximity sensor to reduce the chances of accidentally starting playback. This means they can be used for long-haul flights. The headphones also have a reliable touch control and can be charged using a 3.5 mm or USB-C cable.