Homophobic Dog: While Whitney Chewston’s character in The Homophobic Dog is far from homophobic, that doesn’t mean she’s Homophobic Dog in real life. In fact, Whitney is actually a supportive member of the LGBTQ+ community, and her owners are both gay.

Whitney Chewston

Many people have taken a dislike to Whitney Chewston for her Homophobic Dog comments, but the dog is not actually homophobic. Her owners are gay, and they discovered the homophobic memes a few months ago. Their Instagram account has over 100,000 followers, and Whitney’s popularity has even drawn the attention of LGBT icon Lil Nas X.

The Washington Post never published the article in question, so the tweet with the purported headline went viral. The tweet, with the purported Washington Post headline, has received more than 450,000 likes and 40,000 retweets. The tweet appeared to be a screenshot of an article in the Washington Post’s “Internet Culture” section. The article was written by Taylor Lorenz, a technology journalist.

The Twitter account of Whitney Chewston’s owners did not respond to requests for comment. However, Pushaw is known for picking fights on Twitter and her recent tweets have been critical of Lorenz’s reporting. After the viral tweets became popular, Lil Nas X joined the fight and tweeted that she wanted extra photos of the homophobic dog. This prompted a flood of memes and comparisons, and some people started to believe the story.

Whitney Chewston isn’t Homophobic Dog in real life

Despite her famous homophobic memes, the white dachshund named Whitney Chewston is not homophobic in real life. She lives in Arizona with her owners, who are lesbians. They’ve posted pictures of her on Instagram, resulting in a large following of over 100,000 followers.

However, one photo of Whitney Chewston has caused controversy. In an attempt to defend the dachshund, the Twitter user @ForeverElSanto asked his followers to send him “extra pictures of that homophobic dog.” Lil Nas X then took up the fight, asking his followers for more pictures of the canine. He also used the photo to promote his pre-saving song, promising to meet “this homophobic dog.”

The photo of Whitney Chewston has also been the subject of photoshops. Many people have made their own versions of Whitney Chewston, captioning them with homophobic phrases. Often, these captions sound like “just saw something lgbt” or “f-slur” and are made in the style of Grandad.