Stay Golden cosmetics is a Jamaican-made makeup line founded by Edmond Danz. Edmond grew up in Portmore and attended Queen’s School. He briefly worked as a model before moving to New York for college. While there, he discovered his passion for dance and beauty. He later founded Danz Distributors LLC, the parent company of Stay Golden cosmetics.


Stay Golden cosmetics was founded by Jamaican-born model Danielle Edmond. The brand is known for its super-popping glitter lip kits. Edmond is an avid user of the cosmopolitan nightlife. Her passion for color influenced her to launch Stay Golden. The brand is based in Brooklyn, N.Y.


Stay Golden cosmetics is a makeup line that features natural ingredients to keep your skin glowing and supple. The company was founded by entrepreneur Danielle Ross, who also runs the parent company Danz Distributors, LLC. The company offers a variety of products and has several different lines of products.

Pros Side Of Stay Golden Cosmetics

A review of Stay Golden cosmetics has been written by Upgraded Reviews. It focuses on the pros and cons of this brand. It is inclusive for women of all skin tones and ages. Danielle McKinney talks about the makeup line and her modeling career. Here, she discusses how Stay Golden Cosmetics can help women achieve their beauty goals.

Cons Side Of Stay Golden Cosmetics

Whether you’re looking for a new foundation, eyeshadow, or lip color, Stay Golden cosmetics is a good brand to consider. These products offer long-lasting color, are cruelty-free, and are smudge-proof. The best part is that they’re all natural and tested to be safe for use by consumers.

The brand’s website and Instagram page are full of great information about its products. They are also accessible to everyone from all ages and skin tones. If you want to save some money, consider using a coupon for Stay Golden Cosmetics. These discounts can be worth over half off your purchase.

Best Stay Golden cosmetics Glitter Lip Kit

If you’re a glitter lover, you’ll love Stay Golden cosmetics. This line of lip products is the brainchild of Jamaican-born model Danielle Edmond. She founded the brand in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she was enamored with the nightlife and cosmopolitan culture. Edmond’s lipsticks and lip kits are known for their super-popping effect.