The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless gaming headset is a great option for gamers who want a wireless headset that provides great sound quality, ample comfort, and dynamic function. This headset is very easy to use and requires very little setup. It will work with your Xbox One console, and comes with a variety of accessories that can enhance the experience.

Digital Signal Processor

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless is a premium set of wireless gaming headphones that utilize a Digital Signal Processor. This processing technology delivers high-quality sound to your ears and provides surround sound. Unlike other gaming headsets, these headphones also feature a microphone with a high signal strength. The result is a superior audio experience that will improve your focus on the game. They are also compatible with Xbox and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles.

In addition to the DSP, the Elite 800 also uses a DTS Headphone: X(r) 7.1 Surround Sound system. This allows you to pinpoint the exact location of sounds without relying on external audio devices. Additionally, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 has a rechargeable battery and supports Bluetooth.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 features four EQ settings, each with multiple tuning options. The Elite 800 also allows you to customize the EQ settings using the Ear Force Audio Hub app. Like the Turtle Beach 500x, the Elite 800 has a pre-recorded voice to guide you through the setting changes.


The battery life of the Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless gaming headset is a good 10 hours. If you’re a marathon gamer, though, you may need a backup pair of headphones just in case. The headset is relatively easy to set up and works well with multiple devices. It charges via micro-USB.

Despite its short battery life, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 delivers excellent audio quality. The battery life of the headset depends on whether you’re using Active Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth. I’ve never had a problem with the range of the Elite 800, but it’s not as good as the Turtle Beach 500P. You need to be within 20 to 30 feet of your Bluetooth device to get the best results.

Despite its price, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 comes with a lot of features that make it worth its price tag. These include Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancellation, and DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound. It also has excellent comfort and audio quality, making it perfect for gaming. However, its battery life is short and requires you to charge it often.


Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless speakers have been designed for gaming. They feature a SuperAmp technology and work on both PCs and consoles. They support DTS:X 2.0 surround sound for games and videos. They also have an app to help you program them. However, some users find them a little tricky to set up and use.

The Elite 800 offers powerful sound that’s crisp and clear, which makes it perfect for watching TV or gaming. Its wireless support makes it incredibly convenient and allows you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere. The noise cancellation feature is excellent, and it has intelligent channel hopping, which helps you hear every note in your music or movie. It also features enhanced Turtle Beach genre-specific presets.

While the Elite 800 offers nice features, it lacks a few key features. One is its lack of a strobe light and small LED. This is not a major deal, but it may make it difficult to control the volume.

Digital Wireless Carrier Transmission

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 is a high-end wireless headset that works with Bluetooth 4.0 devices. It supports dual pairing and can connect to your home audio system using its charging dock. The headset also features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for superior audio quality. Those looking for a high-end wireless headset with ANC will be interested in the Elite 800.

Its design and materials are minimalist and uncluttered. This helps it stand out in the gamer headset trend. It also features magnetic plates to customize the fit of your headphones. The frame is primarily made of plastic with some metal accents. It is also waterproof and has a durable and comfortable headband.

Turtle Beach’s Elite 800 wireless headset features excellent battery life. You can play for up to 10 hours on a single charge. The range isn’t quite as great as the 500P’s, but it’s certainly acceptable, despite the lack of ANC. When the headset battery is low, the sound starts to crackle and fade in, giving the impression of signal interference.

Microphone Design

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 wireless headset is a gaming headset that uses a built-in microphone to deliver superior audio. Unlike other headsets, it doesn’t come with a boom stick. Its microphone is built into the ear cup and has several settings. These include quiet, normal, and loud room settings. There is also an outdoor mode. To test the microphone, we used Audacity to record the audio in different settings.

Although the Elite 800 features a good microphone, the lack of bass and treble makes your voice sound thin. The microphone also makes it difficult to hear people outside of your game. While it works well against the competition, it won’t help you in louder activities. While this microphone is generally reliable, some people may prefer a boom microphone.

The Elite 800 has a built-in microphone and supports the Turtle Beach audio hub. It also has multiple sound modes and genre-specific audio presets. The headset supports wired and wireless connections to mobile devices. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PlayStation Vita handheld systems.

Headband/Earpad Material

The headband/earpad material of Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless headphones is composed of high-grade composite plastic and metal. The entire headband is metal, as are the rotation joints, and the earcups do not feel hollow or plasticky. The cups are carved with a channel that alleviates pressure on the glasses.

While it may not seem like it, the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Headphones have clean, minimalist lines and are a pleasant change from the usual gaming headsets. These headphones also come with magnetic plates for customizing the fit. The main frame is mostly plastic with metal accents.


The Turtle Beach elite 800 wireless headphone is equipped with a lot of features. The active noise canceling technology helps block out extraneous noises. It also has DTS Surround Sound 7.1 technology. This headset also supports calls. However, it doesn’t offer the best stability.

While most of its competitors do not have such a wide range of features, the Elite 800 is a great value for the money. You will get great audio quality and the headset is very durable and comfortable. You can even customize the ear cups, which will make gaming more enjoyable. The Elite 800 is a good purchase for gamers who are looking for a quality wireless headset.

As for looks, the Elite 800 wireless looks fantastic. Its matte black surface and glass-like ear cups give it a futuristic look. It also has some nice features, such as volume controls and call controls. Although the headset is not comfortable for everyday use, the microphone and noise cancelling features make it suitable for gamers.